Following his loss to Mauricio Rua earlier in May, Corey Anderson has revealed that he is contemplating leaving MMA. It appears that he now considered the result, which was a loss on slit decision to be unfair.

Recall that Anderson had earlier this year endured a split-call loss to Mauricio Rua in Rua’s home country of Brazil. In the first moments after the loss, he had admitted that his loss was largely his fault, adding that he probably had not done his best.

However, he watched the video of the fight on the long flight back home from Brazil, and had a change of perspective. Coincidentally, most fans and spectators taught he won the fight. Speaking to MMAjunkie he said:

“When they said ‘Shogun,’ I was content with it, then when I watched the video in the room and saw I really dominated, even though I didn’t do that much in the first round. I hit him more, I took him down, I was kicking him, I was blocking.

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